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Google's Street Views of Walmer
This page lets you see Google's street level photos of Walmer.
To get started, choose the location on the map that you want to see. The map can be dragged
with your mouse to reveal areas to the top, bottom, left or right and "double clicked" to enlarge.
Or you can use the Pan Control and Zoom Control in the top left corner of the map.
Then to open the street scene view, click on the Google Pegman on the map and drag him
to the spot on the map you want to look at.
Blessed St Mary Church, Walmer

When you open
a street view...

You can shift the view by using the left and right and up and down arrows on the Pan Control.
Or you can click on the image and, keeping the mouse button depressed, drag the view to left, right and up or down.
To travel along a street, click on the big arrows on the street name line.
To zoom in or out of a street view image, use the Zoom Control (or "double click" with your mouse).
To go back to the map, click on the X in the top right of the street view picture.
      This page was updated on September 13, 2015