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Photo Albums
WalmerWeb features a number of photo albums, covering the area today and in the past.
Additional pictures are always welcome. To see the current albums, click on the links below...
Walmer Castle (photo: Harold Wyld)
Dover Road shops (photo: Harold Wyld)
Walmer Beach (photo: Gerry Costa)
White Squirrel (photo: Gerry Costa)
Asian Babe section of Mosaic Wall (photo: Christine Orridge)
Walmer Castle and Lower Walmer Upper Walmer #1 Walmer's seafront
and beach
Walmer's fauna
and flora
Jubilee Mosaic
Dover Road bus (courtesy: Gerry Costa) Dover Road, Upper Walmer Bomb damage in Middle Street (photo: East Kent Mercury) Old Parish Church (photo: Adrian Sullivan)
Walmer's Past #1 Walmer's Past #2 Walmer's Past #3 Walmer and Deal
in World War II
Walmer in
Winter #1
St Clare Road in winter Royal Marine Band (photo: Gerry Costa) Walmer Picnic (photo: Harold Wyld) Walmer Brocante 2009 (photo: Harold Wyld) Walmer Brocante 2011 (photo: Kris Lancaster)
Walmer in
Winter #2
Walmer events #1 Walmer events #2 Walmer events #3 Walmer events #4
Walmer Picnic 2013 Walmer Picnic 2016 Great Mongeham (photo: Nigel Stevenson) Deal Pier entrance (photo: Harold Wyld)  
Walmer events #5 Walmer events #6 Neighbouring villages Photos of Deal  
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