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Walmer - Past and Present
About Walmer
Facts and figures
- a brief description of Walmer and local statistics
- local maps of Walmer - past and present
What to see in
and around Walmer

- a guide to local attractions
Other Walmers
- other places called Walmer
Neighbouring parishes
- Walmer's adjoining parishes
Street Views
- use Google's street view service to see local street scenes
Local history
History pages index
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A Brief history
Generals' Meadow VAD
Jubilee mosaic
Julius Caesar
Leelands School 1920s
List of dates
Memorial bandstand
Nevill Gardens
Reading list
The Royal Marines
Times remembered
Upper Walmer
Upper Walmer in 1890
Upper Walmer in 1920/1930
Walmer Aerodrome
Walmer Brewery
Walmer Lifeboat
Walmer Place
Walmer's pubs
World War II
Tracing family history
Photo albums
Photo albums index
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Walmer Castle and
Lower Walmer
Upper Walmer #1
Walmer's seafront
Walmer's wildlife
Walmer events #1
Walmer events #2
Walmer events #3
Walmer events #4
Walmer events #5
Walmer in Winter
Walmer's past
Jubilee mosaic
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